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Skillcape Rework 2 - Screenshoty

Thu 18. Sep 2014 14:07:47

Earlier in the year, we polled a skillcape rework, which passed. We'd now like your input again to determine the look of the new skillcapes. For more detailed views of the new example skillcape compared to its older counterpart, please check out the forum thread.

Highest total wins!

Tidy up the cape
This option will just involve remodeling the skillcapes to remove clipping and other issues. The capes will still use the same skill icons.


Use new skill icons
This option will involve remodeling the skillcapes to remove clipping and other issues as in option 1, as well as using the new skill icons.

I don't mind
Choose this option if you do not mind how the skillcapes are reworked.

Poll ETA: Tuesday 30th September

Súčasné Skillcapes:

Re: Skillcape Rework 2 - Screenshoty

Thu 18. Sep 2014 16:29:17

páči sa mi to, ale mohli by trochu remasternuť aj emotes potom

Re: Skillcape Rework 2 - Screenshoty

Thu 18. Sep 2014 16:30:03

Takto.. Toto je pre nich rework skillcape? Oni si velmi zahravaju s hracskou trpezlivostou... Ti co tam robia models musia byt vazne lamy ked nedokazu urobit nieco uplne extra. LegendArts urobil snad najkrajsie cape a oni ich nevedia urobia? wtf :D

Re: Skillcape Rework 2 - Screenshoty

Thu 18. Sep 2014 16:43:02


We just wanted to address the feedback regarding the poll not having an option for a full skillcape redesign. While we were considering this earlier in the year, after thinking about it more we came to the conclusion that it was not a suitable option for the poll.

Firstly, we considered the fact that a large group of players will be very attached to the current skillcape design. These are 'iconic' items that players will have worked very hard to achieve, and if we were to change them significantly in a way that those players didn't like then we would be alienating them and devaluing their achievement in their eyes. We didn't want to do that. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that when it comes down to graphical reworks, we often see the community polarised in terms of whether they like or dislike the new graphics - so any graphical rework is a dangerous game, let alone when it comes to more important items such as skillcapes.

Secondly, we had to consider the other achievement capes. In particular, we released master capes earlier in the year. These are based on the original skillcapes, so if we did a full redesign of the skillcapes we would also have to redo the master capes, and potentially some of the other achievement capes too. Creating a custom design for each of (a minimum of) 52 capes would be very time-consuming, and we felt that that time would be better spent elsewhere. Additionally, returning to the previous point, it is highly unlikely that every single player would enjoy the designs of all of those capes - and again, we didn't want to cause conflict in the community in that way.

Obviously in our earlier poll we did suggest that a full redesign would be on the cards, but given the reasons above we just felt it would be better to go with the options we have chosen. We can only apologise to those players who were looking forward to a complete remodel of their capes.

We will continue to monitor feedback, and if there is a continued strong desire for a complete overhaul of the skillcapes it may be something we can look at in the future.

Edit: Just to acknowledge the feedback about the female cape being thinner at the top - we will look into whether this can be changed to be in line with the male cape :).

Re: Skillcape Rework 2 - Screenshoty

Thu 18. Sep 2014 16:47:07

A Update 2

Thank you all for your feedback. We have decided that we will pull the poll for the time being whilst we develop a concept for a third option.

This new option will be a rework to the current skillcape template. We will not be creating individual looking capes for each skill.

You are welcome to submit your own ideas or suggest which parts should be changed.

Thank you