Archers' Ring ------Důležité!!!

Thu 20. Mar 2014 2:17:26

Na Grand Exchange se ve středu v noci objevilo obrovské množství Archers' ringů za enormně nízkou cenu (80k ea). Nenechte se strhnout hromadami lidí, kteří momentálně ringy nakupují a radši od této věci dejte v tuto chvíli ruce pryč. Pravděpodobně jde o duplikaci a zneužívání může být trestáno. Takže nenechte se zlákat snadným výdělkem!

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Re: Archer's Ring ------Důležité!!!

Thu 20. Mar 2014 2:18:43

Pár jich mám, snad se zítra nalognu ingame:/

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Thu 20. Mar 2014 2:29:11

pár set tisíc? :D že by si zase začali haxunit hrát? To by bylo hezký... :)

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Thu 20. Mar 2014 4:07:13


Re: Archers' Ring ------Důležité!!!

Thu 20. Mar 2014 8:13:46

Radanek wrote:pár set tisíc? :D že by si zase začali haxunit hrát? To by bylo hezký... :)

teraz je v hre "hax team"... bol som v burth, ked jeden z nich predvadzal, co dokaze a to bola naprosta nechapacka :D

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Thu 20. Mar 2014 8:18:18

tak to je bomba :D

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Thu 20. Mar 2014 10:24:37

Fuj .. logl jsem se :D ale tak já jich koupil jen 10 :D

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Thu 20. Mar 2014 10:41:20

obrazok z reddit


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Thu 20. Mar 2014 10:57:47

Matonym wrote:obrazok z reddit


tak ten ma dobrej balik penez. hax team ten si z jagex dobre hraje #GS #GS

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Thu 20. Mar 2014 13:58:33

Gf jagex. Dufam ze to bude pokracovat aby trochu zacali mat zaujem o server a nie len o solomon.

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Thu 20. Mar 2014 14:25:32

nemam ani odvahu otvorit banku a kuknut, ci tam este su :D

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Thu 20. Mar 2014 20:27:37

Hey all,

I know there has been a lot of speculation about what happened with the Archer Ring overnight, and I wanted to take a few moments to address some of the rumours that are doing the rounds.

The important thing to note is that this wasn’t a duplication bug; it was regrettably a human error.

The QA team have done a great job recently in making sure our content is bug free and everyone gets the best experience possible. They have been extremely supportive in making sure the items were tracked, recovered and any negative impact to the game was limited.

Equally, it’s important to state up front that no other items have been affected.

So what exactly happened? Well, recently as some of you may know, Jagex have started a limited trial of returning items to players who have been hijacked, and had their items stolen. We’ve not spoken publicly about this and have been rolling it out very slowly. As we saw with the Archer Rings last night, these systems are quite complex and have some teething issues.

This resulted in a single account being erroneously given several million Archer Rings. Unfortunately, the player in question chose to profit from this clear mistake, rather than take the responsible route and admit what had happened. Our teams noticed this mistake very quickly, and began taking immediate steps to remove the items.

The good news is that we have recovered almost all the Rings which entered the game.

It goes without saying, this was a regrettable situation and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for your continued support,

Head of Community Management ... 5,65329820

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Fri 21. Mar 2014 16:08:33

21-Mar-2014 11:21:12 Last edited on 21-Mar-2014 11:42:54 by Mod Balance
I've had a full read through all of this, and it's interesting to see your thoughts on this. It's not something I'm involved with directly, but I think this thread deserves a reply.

Firstly, my question to you is: If you were hijacked and lost all of your items, would you want Jagex to help you return them?

Let me explain what happens with the item returns. When we identify a user has been hijacked, we are able to track down the hijackers account by reviewing their in game activity (normally the hijacker will transfer the items off the account, onto their own). When we take action against the hijacker we remove the wealth they have accumulated through hijacking, this wealth is then out of the game.

We then look at the account which was hijacked, and if the criteria are met (the account is now secure etc) then we look to replace the items. We do this because, as I'm sure you'll understand, the player is very upset because much of their game progress is stolen from them. They may feel like quitting the game. We will only return a players items once, so we will not return items to someone who has lost items after their first Item Restoration.

The system is impossible to abuse. We investigate each claim fully - and we will never spawn "new" items - unless we can recover the items from the hijackers account. This means that there is no damage to the game's economy.

Let me make it clear. This is an experimental system which we have been introducing slowly. If we can stop someone leaving the game because they lost their items that's good for the game, the player, and the community. Whether or not the item return system works, or whether it continues is a question which Jagex are thinking very hard about.

We have just added a section on Lost Items to our Support Center wiki. It goes quite far in explaining some of the questions you might have. We have also clarified the issues surrounding the Archers' Ring incident, take a look at Mod Jane's second post on her sticky in Item Discussion.

Mod Balance

Post je linkovany na prislusne subfora, linky najdete v povodnom threade ... 911,goto,9

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Sat 29. Mar 2014 14:31:14

Joj Mato normalne som sa nad tým zamýšľal ale jak vidím tie príspevky v ENG už som prestal myslieť :| ináč už je konec toho či sa da ešte kupiť? :D