Free agility XP - Silverhawk Boots

Sat 15. Mar 2014 10:06:32


Re: Free agility XP :D

Sat 15. Mar 2014 10:49:20

tak to GOOD FIGHT :D

Re: Free agility XP :D

Sat 15. Mar 2014 11:31:47

V chate predáva 4k feathers za 60m. A tento ich má 111K no pekne :D
Koľko je to asi "free" agil exp?
BTW koľko to vychádza.. 2 gp/exp?
Ak som to správne pochopil za 1 geather (10K gp) dostanete exp ako za 1/2 small exp lampy (4,5k exp)?

Re: Free agility XP :D

Sat 15. Mar 2014 14:21:54

Pri lvle 98+ to je viac ako 95M Agility xp. 1 pierko je 10% lampy
Odhadujem, ze ho to stalo zhruba 1,3B co je viac nez 13gp/xp
Cital som (neoverene) ze sa cez ne da za hodinu dat up to 350k xp/h ale videlsom uz aj screeny top players z Citadel Battlefieldu, kde si na to nasli asi este efektivnejsiu metodu

Re: Free agility XP - Silverhawk Boots

Sun 16. Mar 2014 4:08:10

Pokiaľ chcete využiť Boots na dosiahnutie nejakého Levelu tu je kalkulátor! ... FMkE#gid=0
File - Make a Copy - Prepíšte Nickname na váš (E2)

Máte tam koľko Feathers treba na 99 a 120 a keď scrollete nájdete si aj na jednotlivé levely presne

Re: Free agility XP - Silverhawk Boots

Thu 20. Mar 2014 19:46:06

We've been watching players' use of Silverhawk boots, comparing it to what we intended and listening to your feedback, and we've decided to make some changes. We wanted this item to be a fun boost to Agility training while doing other activities, but not for it to outstrip or undermine existing methods.

The adjustments we're working on will change the rates at which the boots award Agility XP, making different skilling activities behave more like each other; this will mean that players can gain this passive benefit without having to change their routine. Some activities were triggering the benefit more frequently then we wanted, so those rates will be reduced. With a couple of smaller fixes, we're confident that this will make Agility courses the best training again.

These changes have just been sent for testing: we'll be checking them carefully to make sure there are no new issues, so I'm not sure at the moment when they will go live. After launch we'll keep monitoring the situation and if further changes could help we'll look into them.

With Treasure Hunter and Solomon's General Store we aim to create interesting options for players but not to replace normal gameplay. Thanks for your patience while we put this one right.

Thank you
Mod Hew ... 8,65329754

Re: Free agility XP - Silverhawk Boots

Thu 20. Mar 2014 20:27:31

Smutná zpráva :(

R.I.P TH boots