The Invasion of Falador

Mon 19. Oct 2015 16:27:55

Třeba to někomu pomůže.

When you recieve a scroll in your inventory through skilling during the event, be sure to follow its lead! The reward is
a permanent increase to Commendation gain. A permanent Battle Horn buff!

Oh, and a cosmetic reward too :>


Full walkthrough as I did it;

Falador Herald
Sir Renitee
Hologram of Lord Daquarius
Sir Amik Varze
Aksel in Artisan's Workshop
Wyzon the Gardener
Falador Mine (bottom of the main branch; Directly next to the agility shortcut). Entering from the right entrance in the dwarven camp at Ice Mountain, go straight south. You are looking for a rock with a blue glow.

Re: The Invasion of Falador

Mon 19. Oct 2015 19:44:28

Thx, pomohlo :)

Urychli to zbieranie coomand points asi o 25% (20 exp za akciu -> 25 exp).

Btw najrychlejsie sa zbieraju commad pointy ked Party Pete spravi drop party po celom Faladore :p

Re: The Invasion of Falador

Tue 20. Oct 2015 16:59:47

Narazil jsem na mapku těch NPC, tak přidávám odkaz :