Aké boli ceny v Runescape v roku 2005

Wed 13. Aug 2014 12:26:49

Prinášam unikátny screenshot zo začiatku roku 2005 kde je zoznam cien kľúčových predmetov v hre. Tento zoznam slúžil ako pomôcka pre hráčov.

Pre zobrazenie klikni na obrázok a potom na malú lupu v hornom ľavom rohu.


). typical current prices, to help you having an idea about it
0 Posted: Jan 12 2004, 07:54 AM
Pls, correct and modify as you see fit. Also, feel free to make additional specifications like uncooked and cooked for fish (if prices differ). The prices are general average prices on the market for all players and in reasonable quantities (Large numbers of an item often sell for more). These prices are only as guidelines: members can deviate from them, but normally one shouldn't charge higher than these general prices if one sells to fellow members. I wish to thank all the ppl who contribute to this - this list is only as up-to-date as WE make it..
Best Trading places fan Varrock world 1 marketplace for general items Varrock Palace courtyard for rune armour and weapons Falador Mine Bank world 16 - general Is duelling arena best for selling super sets? Which World??? Is Falador West bank still best place for selling herbs and seconds????
Ores & Bars Ores
Iron : 100gp Coal: 100gp Mith: 400- 500gp Adam: 900-1k Rune: 10 - 12.5k Silver: 250-400gp Gold: 250-400gp
Iron : 125gp Steel: 500-600gp Mith: lkgp Adam: 2k-2.5k Rune: 14 - 16k Silver: 250-400gp Gold: 250-400gp
Food Fish (cooked and uncooked) Lobster: 150gp Bass: 500gp Swordfish: 150 Shark: 600 (other fish not generally sold)
Craft Items Gems
(cut and uncut - people pay more for uncut) Saphire: 300 - 600gp Emerald: 600 - 800gp Ruby: 1.5 - 2k Diamond: 5 - 7.5k Dragonstone: 90 - 100k
Herblore Items Herbs
Guam 200-300 Marentill 200-500 Tarromin 500-1k Harrlander 1k-1.5k Ranarr 3k-4k Irit 3k-4k Avantoe 2k-3k Kwuarm 3k-4k Lantadyme 3-4k Cadantine 3-4k Dwarf Weed 2k-4k?
Limpwurt roots: 350- 750gp White Berries: 800 - 1k Wine of Zamorak: 1k (other seconds not generally sold)
Normal strength pot: 750gp - 1k Super attack: 2 - 3k Super strength : 5 - 8k Super defense : 5 - 8k Super Set: 10 - 15k Fishing pot: 300gp - 1k Range pot: 3k Prayer pot: 2 - 3k Weapon poison: 5k (other potions not generally sold)
Armour & Weapons Dragon Dagger (p): Sword: 90 - 100k Axe: 180 - 200k
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Chain: Legs:
Hatchet: 20 - 30k Scimi: 30 - 35k Med: 10k Large: 30 - 35k 2h: 35 - 45k Kite: 50 - 55k Chain: 30 - 40k Legs: 50 - 55k Plate: 75k
Med: 2.2 - 2.4mil
Shield half: 4-Smil
Shield: 5 - 7mil
Rare Items & Holiday Items & Treasure Trail Items Treasure Trail Items
Ranger boots: 500 - 600k -Wizard boots: 100 - 150k
Party Hats (changes a lot) Purple: 2.9 - 3.2mil Yellow: 3.5 - 3.9mil Red: 3.5 - 3.9mil Green: 4.4 - 5.0mil White: 5.2 - 5.8mil Blue: 7.8 - 8.4mil Cracker: 8 - llmil *Note: This are the prices at 25 July 2004.
Halloween Masks
green: 250 - 350k red: 300 - 400k blue: 400 - 450k
Other rares
Santa Hat: 150 - 200k Easter egg: 80 - 150k Pumpkin: 150 - 350k
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Re: Aké boli ceny v Runescape v roku 2015

Wed 13. Aug 2014 12:35:34

2005* :lol:

Re: Aké boli ceny v Runescape v roku 2005

Wed 13. Aug 2014 15:35:21

jaj tie rare items :D to boli ceny