Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Mon 03. Mar 2014 15:05:45

Wilderness rejuvenate oficialne bude pridany do hry 13.3. 2014!

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Mon 03. Mar 2014 16:39:57

No jsem na to zvedavy, snad to bude povedeny update ;)

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Mon 03. Mar 2014 18:07:29

Na tohto scorpiona sa budu PvMers tesit :wtfhash:


tablet makers ocenia tuto moznost :


Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Wed 05. Mar 2014 8:44:10

We just released a patch to to fix a bug where NMZ spawned equipment that wasn't needed for that dream. Aneb NMZ magic training nerfed.

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Wed 05. Mar 2014 14:19:54

M I C H A L wrote:We just released a patch to to fix a bug where NMZ spawned equipment that wasn't needed for that dream. Aneb NMZ magic training nerfed.

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a je to v haji :? :? :? :?

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Wed 05. Mar 2014 17:45:12

Dalsi Wilderness boss- Crazy Archeologist


Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Wed 05. Mar 2014 18:07:36

Wilderness rejuvenate vyzerá čoraz lepšie a lepšie :akon:

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Thu 06. Mar 2014 15:41:49

Novinky pridane do hry

When making spell tablets in a player-owned house, the lectern now offers options for Make-X and Make-All.

Bloodveld and Dark beasts now have a chance of dropping hard clue scrolls.

Clue scrolls and caskets now state the levels in their names.

A minigame chat has been added for finding POH Parties.

The Pyramid Plunder overlay now displays your time remaining more accurately.

Pharoah's sceptres now show charges remaining

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Fri 07. Mar 2014 21:13:30

A small tear in space time has allowed the Chaos Fanatic to collect some interesting pets!
Zeby novy pets?


Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Sat 08. Mar 2014 5:06:06

07-Mar-2014 11:19:56  Last edited on 07-Mar-2014 17:49:39 by Mod John C

The Rejuvenating the Wilderness update is nearly upon us. In less than one week you'll be hacking and slashing at new bosses, new monsters and each other. You'll be mining runite ore from the golems, casting spells at the fountain of rune and eating dark crabs to stay alive. But, where exactly are we right now?


The biggest challenge we have faced is delivering fun and exciting bosses, but Ash, Reach and John have excelled themselves. As we currently stand 5 of the 6 bosses are playable. On Monday we have some players visiting the studio who are going to spend the day testing the boss content to make sure they are not too easy, but also not too difficult. At the end of the day we'll be showing you how we have got on in a livestream on our Twitch TV channel.

New Bosses
Venenatis, the spider boss lives in the east of The Wilderness. She attacks with poison, magic and melee and has a number of tricks to stop you getting away if you can't stand up to her.

Callisto is a huge bear that will maul you to death if his magic attack fails to do that. He has the ability to knock everyone back if they get too close.

Vet'ion the Skeletal Champion will summon his minions to aid him in taking you and your team down.

Demi bosses

Bellock, the crazed archaeologist will attack you with exploding books, it's amazing what these crazed archaeologists can come up with!

The Chaos Fanatic is the final boss we are working on and is being made as I type this. Tune in to next week's livestreams to find out more about this boss.

I'm sure you have all wondered where the tunnels in the side of the Scorpion Pit lead, now you can find out. They lead to Scorpia's dungeon where she and her minions will cause you a lot of trouble.

Other Monsters

Lava dragons have now replaced the red dragon on Red Dragon Isle. They are one of the most powerful dragons in Old School and introduce a new bone, the lava dragon bone. If you bury a lava dragon bone on Red Dragon Island you will get 3 times the XP you would have got elsewhere.

You will also find that some of the key areas have received some help from some higher level monsters too. For example, in Rogues' Castle, the Dark Warriors Fortress and in the Bandit Camp you will find some high level variants of the existing NPCs.


Ents patrol the southern reaches of the Wilderness. When you have killed one they will leave a log on the floor. You can then use your hatchet to get noted logs.

Dark crabs are a new fish which can only be caught from fishing spots in the Wilderness. Dark crabs require level 85 fishing to catch, level 90 to cook and heal 22 hitpoints. In order to catch the dark crabs you will need some special bait which is only dropped by zombies that are in the Wilderness.

Some red chinchompas have migrated to the Wilderness, at this location you will also be able to use an additional trap to catch them. If you have the level to use 3 traps, you will be able to use 4 traps in this location.

Three new rune rocks have been uncovered in the Ice Plateau. They are jealously guarded by the ice giants and ice warriors that patrol the area, so you may want to bring some armour with you to get them.

New activities

A new resource area has been added to the Wilderness to the east of the Deserted Keep. Inside this area you will find the runite golems who will turn into a runite rock once they have been killed. In this area you will also find a selection of other high level rocks, high level trees and a fishing spot to catch the dark crab.

If you are standing near the Demonic Ruins you may notice your prayer slowly recharging. This adds a focal point for clan wars in the Wilderness as there is a benefit to holding the Demonic Ruins.

With a thieving level of 84 you can loot some chests in the Rogues' Castle. These chests are very generous and you can get a lot of good loot, however they are protected by some rather jealous and high level rogues.

The Fountain of Rune will allow you to cast any spell you have the level to cast without using runes when you are standing near it. This is a great location for a bit of free alching, super heating or somewhere for you and your friends to have a snowball fight.

The God Wars PvP Dungeon has one feature which makes it stand out from the non PvP dungeon. That feature is that avansies drop noted adamantite bars. These are a great source of wealth, but with the risk of being turned on by a player at any time.... a big risk! There is also a new key which can use to access the God Wars Dungeon boss rooms without getting the kill count.

Other changes to the Wilderness

On death in the Wilderness at levels 21 any above and untradeable items will be converted to cash. If you die to a PKer the cash is dropped to the Pker, otherwise the cash will appear to everyone. Of course, you can still PK with untradeable items but you do risk losing them and not being able to recover them.

All of the creatures in the Wilderness will drop something called a Looting Bag. You can store up to 28 items in this bag, however you can only take items out when you are at a bank. This means that the bag is great for storing loot you have gathered in the Wilderness but you can't use it to take extra supplies in. If you die when you have items in your looting bag, they will drop on the floor and your bag will disappear. Nothing in your bag is protected on death.

A lever has appeared in Edgeville that will teleport you to the Deserted Keep in the high level Wilderness. When you use the lever at the keep, you will teleport to Ardougne.

We have also made two changes to make griefing in a pvp environment a bit more difficult. Crystal equipment will now revert to a seed on death and we have removed the spam created when you eat a rock cake.

When you walk into the Wilderness an overlay will appear which will show how many times you have died in the Wilderness, how many kills you have made in the Wilderness and the ratio between them. You can turn this overlay off through the settings menu if you don't want to see it. There is also a board in Edgeville bank which will tell you the Kill Death Ratio of those around you.

The dragon pickaxe will mine ore at an increased speed (15% faster than the rune pickaxe) and have a special attack which will add 3 temporarily to your mining level. You can get the pickaxe from Venenatis, Callisto, Vet'ion, Chaos Elemental and the KBD.

Each of the demi-bosses can drop one third of the mage and range shields. You will need to take all three shield pieces to the volcano in the north east corner of the Wilderness and forge them in to the complete shield.

Mods Ash, John C, Mat K and Reach
The Old School Runescape Team

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Sat 08. Mar 2014 5:08:56

04-Mar-2014 10:50:08  Last edited on 04-Mar-2014 17:48:16 by Mod Mat K

PDC - The Motherlode Mine

First of all, congratulations to Runite Minor whose idea has won the 'Player Designed Content: Brains over brawn' competition.

The Motherlode Mine is a new mining mechanic which gives introduces seams of ore for players to mine. Players will collect 'pay-dirt' from the mine which can be cleaned to get ore. While mining in the Motherlode Mine you may come across gold nuggets which can be exchanged for a new mining outfit.

Below you will find a detailed description of the Motherlode Mine with more information than the original idea. A lot of the text comes from the original idea which is a testament to how good the concept was. Our basic principles when introducing this content is that it will provide an alternative method to level mining and gathering ore, however it is not intended to replace it. Therefore, the XP rates will not be any better than you can currently get. You will be able to vote on this content from Thursday 6th March.

The Motherlode Mine:
The Motherlode Mine is a tunnel of ore veins recently discovered under Falador by the Dwarven miners of the Mining Guild. The entrance is just right to the stairs heading up to the house next to the Party Room, in the Dwarven Mine. It is a large circular cavern 3-5 spaces wide and about the same circular size as the steel/iron dragon portion of the Brimhaven dungeon. It is dimly lit by torches along the walls and held up by wooden beams. There are piles of dirt and rocks all over the ground. Dwarven Prospector NPCs work alongside players for effect. Inside the tunnel are veins of ore from Coal up to Runite, but what ore you receive is based on your mining level - the higher your mining level the better the chance for good ore. You can only collect ore if you have the mining level to mine it. The ore will be in veins along the walls of this cavern similar to the way it is in the Haunted Mine, but when you mine it, it will enter your inventory as clumps of pay-dirt. The veins will last a random amount of time and take 10 or 15 minutes to respawn, with 5 to 10 veins in the cavern.

In the mine the ceiling can cave in blocking the passageway back to the central cavern which has the cleaning machine, Prospector Pete and a bank. Players will have to mine through the blockages for a bit of mining xp. At random, the veins can also cave in above them, meaning the veins will have to be cleared of dirt before the veins can be mined again. These veins aren't immune to the gassing random or the golem randoms of course, and your pickaxe head can still fly off too.

Once you have some Pay-dirt it will have to be washed in a washing station in the central cavern of the mine to determine what ore you get. Pay-dirt will be mined faster with increased mining level and will be affected by what type of pickaxe is used, same as regular rocks. Coal will be the most common ore in pay-dirt, followed by Gold, then Mithril, Adamant and the rarest will be Runite. There is also a chance of receiving Gold Nuggets, to be used in buying Prospector's Clothing, explained further on. Pay-dirt can use the same inventory icon as clay.

Washing Station:
Pay-dirt has to be washed here before players can find out what ore they get. There's a hopper that players add their inventory full of pay-dirt into, and then it goes through a series of washing stations on conveyor belts run by a furnace-like contraption, which can break down periodically and can be fixed for smithing experience. At the end of line, players receive their ore and nuggets. Here there will be a bank to deposit the ore, but pay-dirt can't be deposited or traded.

Prospector Pete and Prospector's Clothing:
As a perk for working The Motherlode, an NPC named Prospector Pete will trade gold nuggets randomly found in the pay-dirt for Prospector's clothes, which will give a bonus to mining in the same way lumberjack clothes give a bonus to woodcutting. Prospector Pete is a human NPC near the entrance of the Motherlode mine, he is dressed in scraggly overalls and a tattered shirt and a felt hat, and he holds a pickaxe. Gold Nuggets would be similar to Marks of Grace. We expect you to have to play the Motherlode Mine for around 25 hours to collect enough nuggets for the Prospector's outfit and they would be more common with a higher mining level.

The Prospector's outfit has the same bonuses as the Lumberjack Outfit. The Builder Uniform from the Tower of Life quest can be used as the basis for the Prospector's Clothing.

XP rates and limitations

In order to access the Motherlode Mine you would need a mining level of 30. This is because the minimum ore you can mine is coal.

For each piece of pay-dirt you receive you will get 50 XP. When you clean the pay-dirt you will get additional XP based on the ore that is uncovered when it is cleaned.

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Sat 08. Mar 2014 23:36:14

Kompletne zhrnutie Wilderness update v jednom videu :

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Thu 13. Mar 2014 15:12:22

Wilderness rejuvenate pridane do hry, tu je mapa prerobeneho wildu :

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Mon 17. Mar 2014 21:42:03

Jmods po 4 dnoch odpocivania pri wild rs prichadzaju s dalsimi buducimi updates!

Nove outfits ktore maju z archivu 2007, mozno pridaju do hry


Novy slayer monster (combat lvl bude iny, toto pouzili zo summoning )

Last edited by M I C H A L on Mon 17. Mar 2014 23:31:34, edited 1 time in total.

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Mon 17. Mar 2014 22:43:47

dobré outfits, určite si plno hráčov zas pomení look
bude k dispozícií aj tá obria vidlička? :D

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Mon 17. Mar 2014 22:57:09

Kwaichi wrote:dobré outfits, určite si plno hráčov zas pomení look
bude k dispozícií aj tá obria vidlička? :D

Vidlicka je quest item z questu ,Sheep herder, ktora sa pouzivala na lurovanie oveciek do ohrady.

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Tue 18. Mar 2014 17:35:35

chceme fousy kit! :D

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Tue 18. Mar 2014 18:19:30

Novy dungeon pre Smoke devil a dust devil!

Pohlad do vnutra dungeonu :


Sucastne pracuju na Slayer bossovi v novom dungu..

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Tue 18. Mar 2014 21:41:08

good job :) +1

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Wed 19. Mar 2014 19:36:39


Nove hairstyles!


Nove nohavicky pre panov a damy :


Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Tue 25. Mar 2014 19:55:22

Nove black chinchompas a nova ciapka ,,Fedora,, z Crazed Archeologa



Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Tue 25. Mar 2014 22:31:52

Ring of wealth a glory amulety budu dostavat extra charge pri nabijani o fountain of rune


Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Wed 26. Mar 2014 20:11:58

Novinky ohladom novych slayer monsters a slayer boss + ich dropy!,318,681,65334851

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Thu 27. Mar 2014 15:09:51

Novinky z polls pridane do hry!!!

Extended anti-dragonfire potions from lava dragons:

Lava dragons now drop a lava dragon scale which can be ground up and combined with a regular anti-dragonfire potion. When you grind a lava dragon scale it creates stackable fragments. You can use one fragment per dose on the anti-dragonfire potion to turn it into an extended antifire potion. The extended antifire potion works the same way as the antifire potion but last for a total of 12 minutes. You need level 84 herblore to make this potion and it is tradeable. To create the barbarian mix you need level 91 herblore.

Recharge dragonstone jewellery at the Fountain of Rune:

At the Fountain of Rune, you can now bring dragonstone jewellery such as the Combat bracelet and Amulet of Glory and recharge them here. When you recharge these items at the Fountain of Rune, you will receive extra charges. Instead of the normal 4 charges, you'll be able to teleport 6 times before needing to recharge the jewelry again.

Activate teleports for the Ring of Wealth at the Fountain of Rune:

If you use the Ring of Wealth on the Fountain of Rune it will be charged with 5 teleport charges. You will be able to teleport to Miscellania, Varrock town square, Falador Park and to Dondakan in the Keldagrim mine.

Black chinchompas:

The Red chinchompas in the wilderness have evolved into Black chinchompas! These chinchompas require 73 hunter to catch and 65 ranged to use and are more volatile than their carnivorous counterparts

Certer for Wilderness Resource Area:

Piles, a fan of Niles, Miles & Giles, has opened for business at the Resource Area in the Wilderness. He'll note any resources you gather there for a mere 50 gp each.

Bird nests from ents:

After you chop the log left from a dead ent, you will now be able to receive birds nests as a drop. It not only makes sense because ents are trees, but now you have a chance at receiving better loot from killing them!

Fedora to be dropped by the crazy archaeologist:

Who wouldn't want the crazy archaeologist's fedora? When you kill him, you now have a chance to receive his incredibly dapper hat. This hat is purely cosmetic and tradeable.

Dragon axe special attack:

We've replaced the dragon axe’s special attack with an ability that will temporarily increase your woodcutting level by 3. This brings it up to par with the dragon pickaxe's special attack and allows both tools to be more beneficial to skillers.

Prayer bonus for god-related Treasure Trail armour:

God dragonhide armour and God rune armour, which are acquired from clue scrolls, now have a prayer bonus of +1 per item.

In other news:

Fadli the banker will now look after your stake winnings if your inventory becomes full during the duel.
Adding more than 1147m coins to a trade at once no longer adds your entire stack by mistake.
Rogues’ castle chests now appear in the Thieving skill guide.
The slayer tip for shades has been adjusted to be more helpful.
Holding CTRL to run now functions correctly when clicking on an object or NPC.
Under the hood, some engine changes have been made to game feedback messages, enabling us to offer more of the updates you've been suggesting, such as the spammy message filter.

Re: [OSRS] Správy o budúcich updatoch

Thu 27. Mar 2014 17:44:40

Novy pet elemental chaos?